Our Mission

1. To transform businesses by making technology simple and implementing it without disturbing on-going processes

2. To ensure each client feels a significant difference in the efficiency of their processes after the implementation of hi-tech oriented solutions

3. To implement hi-tech solutions to solve mundane problems and make business more efficient for clients

Our Vision

1. To be the world’s most accessible tech company where customers can convert any function into a system.

2. To lead the software and technology industry with innovative processes which require very little to no implementation time at the clients’ end

3. To provide viable and useful software and mobile app solutions to every business


Our Strategy

1. Our strategy is constant improving development process by investing in professional programmers and their skills and knowledge.

2. To bring noticeable business outcomes with use of technology is the primary aim.

Company Profile

Web-O-Cloud Solutions, established in 2018, is a company based on the philosophy of making businesses more tech-savvy with more straightforward and manageable processes. Entrepreneurs are known to be multi-taskers. However, it often gets challenging to manage the same quality and processing level with the business's growth. Administrative tasks tend to especially be monotonous that take a lot of time of the business resources....

Web-O-Cloud Solutions offer a ready solution to this problem. Imagine using the latest technology in customized software or a mobile app without affecting your existing processes too much? Yes, you read that right. Web-O-Cloud Solutions is not just offering a customized solution to reduce human errors and bring down monotony in jobs but also offering you the convenience of doing it without material change to your process. The after implementation picture would have significantly reduced time, effort, and errors in the processes! Reach out to Web-O-Cloud Solutions for the ultimate solutions in:
1. Building websites, including static, dynamic and e-commerce
2. Mobile app solutions
3. Building software systems including customized solutions
4. Ready to use software on (provide details of in-house software 1)
(Provide details of in-house software 2)

Challenging times require an innovative approach to doing the same business. We understand your need to become tech-savvy without adverse effects and downtimes. Web-O-Cloud is friendly towards traditional and contemporary enterprises both. Software and systems can enhance traditional processes, and most contemporary companies start with technology. Are you looking for a viable tech solution? Web-O-Cloud Solutions is here just for you!

A word from the director/CEO

Hello everyone,

I am delighted to introduce Web-O-Cloud Solutions to you today! I am the visionary behind this company, drawing from a rich family legacy in business. I've been groomed to not just identify business challenges but to creatively resolve them. My academic journey, coupled with a profound fascination for technology, set me apart from my contemporaries during the early stages of the tech revolution....

However, it was clear that tech-based solutions are here to stay with its advent and practical use. Since then, we have solved every business problem using the latest and most accessible technology. A team of members at Web-O-Cloud Solutions is entirely focused on innovative systems and hassle-free transitions. In the current times, when businesses are most susceptible to every change in the environment, the internal stability that technology-based solutions offer can be the reason for survival in the market. Take your businesses online, get the information that you need, and set the right systems that help! Innovation in the form of systems, whether in terms of websites, software, or mobile apps, is lasting and lucrative for performance. Let’s change the world by making positive changes in ourselves and our businesses. Technology is here to stay. It’s everywhere. So, let’s adopt it in such a customized way that it benefits us immensely.
A team of business and tech experts who understand the need for a strong core are waiting to get in touch with you.

Yours Truly,
Sangeeta K.


We specialize in building commercial applications with full transactional capabilities, reporting and reconciliation services. Order Management System, Online Sales System, and Reporting solutions are some of the live examples. Our close clients are happy with these implementations. Working with you builds our expertise and we invest in it for our clients' experience.


We at Web-O-Cloud solutions believe in working with our clients side by side. We make sure the solution we provided is put to use and indeed helping out clients.

We help in fixing any defects found after the solution is implemented.