Order Management System on the Cloud’s

Web-O-Cloud Solutions, specialist in developing custom Web and Mobile applications, has developed a solution to simplify the process of Order Management system for Dealer- Distributor Network, Manufacturing Plants

Accept orders from web and mobile interfaces

The software is on both web and android platforms. An agent ... can enter orders on the go from his mobile with discounts and by checking stock availability with live tally data

Managing online Cart/Cart Functionality

The software is on both web and android platforms. An agent ... can enter orders on the go from his mobile with discounts and by checking stock availability with live tally data.

Product Information/ Catalouge

The whole product catalogue with images and short description ... of product features and attributes.

Order acceptance approval and executions

Orders are approved for further process considering the discounts and deliveries.

Order fulfilment/ Multiple Warehouses

The automated process starts as soon as someone places a order.

Generating invoices and shipment tracking

The automated process starts as soon as someone places a order.


Order Management System on the Cloud’s – On Web and mobile

An order management system is any tool or platform that tracks sales, orders, inventory, and fulfilment as well as enables the people, processes, necessary for products to find their way to the customers who bought them.

Products are generally sold through a Distributor network to handle different markets situated at geographically different locations. There are agents moving around in the market who register orders from the dealer / shopkeeper. The agent has to note all the orders and report it in the end of the day through a phone call or by writing in the sales book , so that the further process of delivering the good at the desired location is carried out. In this there is a loss of time and also the fear of losing any order if not noted and many time the process reaches a breaking point and mistakes mount, customers complain, and employees burn out.

The solution implemented by the Web-O-Cloud Solutions simplifies this process of capturing the orders/ communicating it to the sales manager/ warehouse in real time/reducing paper work/better planning of material and cash flows / reducing communication time /faster action on delivery of goods/automates faster approval process / reducing paperwork / increased efficiency in overall supply management system / real time inventory balances directly from tally/ real time outstanding balance of any dealer directly from tally.

Features of our Order Management System

Accept orders from web and mobile interfaces

Managing online Cart/Cart Functionality

Product Catalouge/Product Information

Order acceptance approval and executions

Order fulfilment/ Multiple Warehouses

In the software orders are fulfilled from different warehouses as per stock

Inventory reporting-Aging wise

Real time closing balance and last 20 client transcatins

Email confirmations and mobile notification for Orders and Delivery


FAQ's for superCART

1) What is superCART?

superCART is automation solution for order management system that caters to Dealer – Distributor Network.

2) How does superCART help you as a distributor?

This product manages the lifecycle of an order. It tracks all the information and processes, including order entry, inventory management, fulfilment, shipment and delivery. It produces and provides management reporting click.

3) How does it work?

superCART provides user interface on Mobile and Web to capture orders. It provides Product catalogue and online Cart. Orders can be fulfilled from different warehouse locations and it helps you to track the deliveries.

4) On what Platforms superCART available?

superCART is a web application which provides all the features on the web and Mobile interface provides product catalogue , order entry and tracking of deliveries for convenience.

5)  How is the software model?

SuperCART is hosted on the Cloud platform is available 24x7.

6) Does superCART support tally?

It books the order to tally and it also provides real time data of the stock, parties and outstanding balances.

7) How do I get support?

Please contact us at

9657708741 - Technical Queries


8) Is my data safe?

To prevent theft and ensure that only authorized users have access to your data at all times, we have put the following security policies in place on all our data centers:

Restricted access through logins and otp(if opted for)

Audited access to consumer data.

Encrypted connections between our facility and Cloud Services.

Technology-leading hardware firewall with intrusion detection and protection.

9) What securities parameters are in place to protect our data on cloud?

SuperCART is built on the Amazon cloud platform. Amazon Cloud computing provides high level security for data protection and servers. Most of our services are deployed on secure environment which is govern by Amazon Security protocols. For more information please visit Amazon Cloud Security knowledge base.https://aws.amazon.com/security/

10) Is there support for the users?

We provide user manual to our customers once their setup is ready. We also have team to give step by step guidance if you are stuck anywhere. Please contact us or email the issue.